National Poetry Day

It’s weird, this blog.

Since it started with the ambition of documenting the writing process of some poetry, I’ve been promising, continuously, that soon some actual poetry would enter the world. It’s happened a few times, and since July 1st this year, it’s been steadily increasing. This has now culminated in the release of “Chipped”, an EP with four poems, acting as a preview to a 17-poem collection, coming 2017.

At some point I’ll blog about “Chipped”, and shed some light on how it, and the forthcoming collection, came to be.

But today, National Poetry Day, I wanted to reflect on other poetry. This blog documents my love of Kate Tempest, and my journey through various poetry books, old and new, but I wanted to recommend some poetry that would hopefully appeal to people who don’t really read it. I want to demonstrate that there’s more to it than Carol Ann Duffy and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Frank o’Hara “Having a Coke with you“: my fave.

Melissa Lee-Houghton “i am very precious“:  unashamed, powerful and engaging; to me it shows what poetry can do.

Kate Tempest “On Clapton Pond at dawn“: just a really beautiful poem.

John Donne “The Triple Fool“: I really enjoy Donne’s poetry, and I relate to this one a lot.

Christopher Soto “All the Dead Boys Look Like Me“: a response to the Orlando tragedy earlier this year, this astounded me when I first read it.

WB Yeats “The Second Coming“: an utterly addictive rhythm and amazing images.

I’d also recommend anything by Andrea Gibson (her “Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns” collection is worth a look), and for some more traditional (but still awesome) stuff: Thomas Hardy’s “The Voice”, Wilfred Owen’s “Strange Meeting” and Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”.

There’s a brief selection of old and new favourites above, and I hope that someone finds some good stuff in one or two of them.

Very soon, I’ll have some details on “Chipped” and what’s to come. You can find some stuff on my poetry blog here, but I’m very proud to say I’ve finally released something for National Poetry Day.