2015 | A Recap

Since I started this blog in the summer, I’ve written much more than I thought I would, and, much to my surprise, actually regularly updated it. In case you missed anything, want to relive it, or are new, this is a recap of everything that I posted in 2015.

I originally started this blog to document the process of writing poetry, and how I went about it. I’ve gone through various creative peaks and troughs, but I’ve talked about writing poetry in many places. I’ve shared my word fatigue, looked at my word fatigue in hindsight, and analysed a poem I’ve written.

I rarely publish actual poetry that I’ve written online, but I wrote a Christmas poem, a process which I (sort of) shared from the beginning of December. My Christmas process can be relived here and here. I also published a poem called ‘Leaf Water‘. I’m hoping there will be more writing poetry posts, and posts containing actual poetry, next year. There is a very exciting poetry-based project coming in January which I’m looking forward to sharing.

I also reviewed poetry, on the realisation that reading prose was time-consuming in a world where my University degree involves reading prose. Lots of poetry reviews are here, and I did a lengthy Kate Tempest review here. But I did write a piece about wider literature that I loved and loathed, and that can be found here.

The other main theme of this blog has been discussing the use of lyrics in my poetry, and the place of lyrics as poetry. I’ve looked at this a few times, and it weaved itself into discussions about my Christmas poem as well. I went through the lyric/literature relationship here, and probably in everything linked above as well.

I did try and maintain the one image/one gif per post format that I begun, and it’s wained a bit throughout the Christmas period, as finding images and gifs became, surprisingly, harder. As did finding quotes to open the blogs. I’ll hopefully start all of this again in the New Year, along with my very small and overly-hyped redesign. But there is one gif that I feel truly sums up the year, everything I have written (here and creatively) and everything that I am going to write.

And it also sums up a question I am yet to answer about me.

I’ve written a hell of a lot of poetry this year (250+), and I’m very proud to have written so much. I really hope that next year is just as productive for me, and I’ll hopefully be sharing a lot of the processes with you. Also, I hope that I’ll be sharing and publishing more of my poetry, and in more places too.

See you in 2016; wishing you all a very Happy New Year x






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