Christmas Eve | A Poem

I succeeded in my mission to write a Christmas poem, and below you can read the finished product. It’s called Christmas Eve, and I’m very happy with it.

Christmas Eve

You should’ve given me the key.
You could’ve found me waiting inside,
But the snow’s starting to fall
On another Christmas Eve night.
I’m sitting on the doorstep,
Waiting for your streetlamp headlights
To speed through the road by your house.
There’s no other cars about.
You’ll cut through the fog and climb out your car,
And look at me knowing my eyes are saying

I told you so

But you’ll sigh and smile and let me in.
I’ll watch the night trip into Christmas morning.
You told me the sunrise looks different
From behind snowblanked skies.

An hour passes, my feet find the wall,
And I tuck myself inside the snowfall.
I watch the flakes melt into my skin;
Drift down to the sound of my phone ring

And it’s you

And you’re saying you’re sorry you’re late,
You’re sorry you didn’t leave me a key,
It’s not the Christmas Eve you thought it’d be.
You tell me you’ll be home soon,
So I sit til your streetlamp headlights
Speed through the road by your house.
No one about.

I feel like some of it reaches more into lyrics than poetry, but my lack of distinction between the two has probably been the main point of this blog so far.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year (which will bring both a redesign, and a brand new poetry project I’m very very excited to share with you all).


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