The Christmas Check-In

written 9/12

One summative assessment over, a new one just begun…

The great ambition to write a Christmas poem has been lacking conviction at the mo. What with two summatives (one, at this stage, still in the planning stages) and a creative writing portfolio which made me realise writing poetry for submission is a very painful process indeed, the work on the Christmas poem has been slow.

Actually, nil. My entire poetry output has stopped, aside from ones written for maybe-submission, and writing them for this purpose puts a lot of pressure on, which isn’t fun. Thankfully, I now have a portfolio I’m very happy with, but it means that I’ve not wanted to write poetry, or attempt any further progress on the Christmas poem.

Which is fine. I sort of knew it might be sidetracked, although what I was hoping would be my switch off would have actually done the very opposite. I still have plenty of days in which to present to you, dear reader, a poem for Christmas.

This adventure (let’s be grand) started with the question of whether people actually wrote Christmas poems (aside from ‘Twas the Night). Turns out, they do. In fact, they write lots.

Although, it is mostly older writers. The type of writers who spring to mind when you say ‘poetry’ to a secondary school student. There’s a distinct lack of modern Christmas poetry (and no offerings from any of my faves – Kate Tempest’s December offering being a song called ‘Europe is Lost’, which is a painfully unsubtle account of the wrongs in the world).

Thomas Hardy wrote a few, Walter de la Mare wrote a very Walter de la Mare one called ‘Mistletoe’, which is worth a read. I rediscovered Rossetti’s ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’, which has to be a favourite. There’s also ones by Benjamin Zephaniah (I’ve not read it) and Pam Ayers (I’ve not read it but it has the phrase ‘Give us your money’ in the title, so I can feel my hatred already). And from then on, PoetryHunter begins going into the user-written ones. I’d recommend having a browse though, for what is a pretty good selection of Christmas verse.

The problem with the top poems, the famous ones, being by a lot of old, dead poets, is that there’s little that appeals to me. I enjoy poetry that’s more than ten years old, but it’s not the type of poetry I’m going to write. I guess I was looking for inspiration.

All I know is that my eventual Christmas poem is going to be very different to those by Hardy etc. (who, by the way, was a fab poet), and it’s probably going to be about something else. An angle that I haven’t seen covered.

I just have to find that angel angle…




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