Post-Summer Fatigue | A Recap

“Just to get it all out,
What’s in my head.”
4 Non Blondes – What’s Up?

It’s the end of the Summer. Apparently, it’s Autumn. In a couple of weeks, I return to uni and this blog probably begins to collect the dust that will cover it forever. I’m hoping I keep going with it, but we’ll see how I do. I’ve got some half-formed ideas for future posts, so fingers crossed they see the very small audience I collect.

But I was flicking back through this blog, and stumbled across the first post. In it I set out my 5 book related aims for the summer, as part of the Between Two Books challenge. I also talked about how I sort of had ‘word fatigue’, and wasn’t sure what to write about any more. So this is a bit of a recap on the summer, an evaluation of how well I did with the challenges I set myself.

(1) I wanted to read more non-fiction. This didn’t happen. I have looked for a non-fiction book to read, but in the end I didn’t find one that interested me enough.

(2) To read Tempest’s “Everything Speaks in its Own Way” and to read more poetry. Done! I’ve read the collection, which I’ve reviewed on this blog. I’ve also read more poetry (a lot more than I expected to as well). I’m going to write mini-reviews (or probably adapt the ones I’ve posted on Goodreads) of the poetry I’ve read, and that post should be coming as soon as I’ve finished some Pablo Neruda.

(3) To read something from a new genre…. Nope. It’s just been a lot of poetry. Which has been lovelier than prose, imo.

(4) To finish something. Well…. I didn’t finish Watchmen, but I have finished every collection of poetry I’ve bought this summer, which for me is something of a miracle. But unfortunately I’ve not finished or even made significant progress on anything else.

(5) To read ‘Disclaimer’ by Renee Knight. To be fair, I did try. I got a fair way through it, for me, but I just found myself getting increasingly brought down by it. I don’t know what made it a bit of a depressing read, but it was, and it wasn’t exactly the summer read that I was excited and ready for. I probably should’ve given it a bit more of a chance, but I didn’t feel like coming away from it thinking ‘ugh’ every time. I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t more like I’d imagined.

So what about my word fatigue? Well, between the date I wrote that entry and today’s date, I’ve typed a total of 56 poems. That’s not including the very small number I’ve handwritten and written on my phone, unless I’ve later typed these. Clearly, my word fatigue didn’t last long. But did I experiment in this poetry? Um…. Maybe not as much as I intended to, but I did also complete some poems I’m very proud of. I’m not sure my style has developed or altered in that at all, but reading other poets has been interesting and useful in a way. I’m still searching for exactly what my style is, although I think the less I try for a style, the better my poetry turns out. I also think that the more honest I am in what I write, the more passionate I am, the better the result. Though I suppose that’s obvious. I am looking forward to seeing how my style develops over the year though.

I have undoubtedly wittered on and often repeated myself on this blog, though, and very glad I am about this too. Also thank you to those who have liked my blogs, or told me that they’re enjoying them. You two people rock.

(My next post, ‘Usually You Are, That’s What Poetry’s For’ should be out within the week all being well.)



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